Monday, May 07, 2012

Who is your Author?

Who is the Author of your days? Do you make decisions on our own or do you trust in your Heavenly Father to guide your every step? I can't say that my husband and I have always consulted God before we made decisions but I'm proud to say that we do today. We started this blog in 2010 after God had placed the orphan crisis on our hearts through our church and my husband's mission trip to Haiti. We wanted to take the step to Choose God over wordily things and possessions. After much prayer, we decided to pursue adoption.  At first it started out we have extra food on the table, we have love to love another child. However, God slowly took what we thought we had to offer to a new level. It was no longer about us but about Him, how God sent His Son to take our place for our sin and adopted us as His own. We both enjoyed the song we sang so many years at church Today (As For Me and My House) we choose to follow you. Today is no different than 2 years ago when we decide to create this blog, we choose Jesus.

And today.....May 7th God wrote another sweet, sweet chapter in our lives.....He ordained this day oh so long ago but we were given a glimpse of His glory today! We were given a picture of our precious 2 month old baby girl, whom we have waited over a year and a half to see her face. Prayed for morning and night....we now see her, the beautiful little child God created for our family. God is so good!!!!

I say all this to say sometimes, we get in the way of God's plans or try to turn in a different direction. It is so hard to know sometimes what to do even after praying. We had just made the decision that after waiting 8 months in country that we might need to look to other creches' in Haiti that had waiting children. We didn't take this decision lightly, we prayed about it and didn't always come to the same place. There were days my husband said God is telling me to wait, to be still. My heart as a mother was telling me I had a child who needed me, I needed her. Don't get me wrong, I am very blessed and love the two "gems"children I have but as a mother I knew of another child. God had grown this child in my heart not in my tummy. There were days when we had to fight the enemy as he tried his best to tell us this wasn't God's plan for our lives. Today God showed the enemy differently. Today God showed us His plan. Thank You Lord for your plans and your perfect timing!

God has a plan for each of us, we would have been blessed if we hadn't chosen to adopt but I'm so glad that we did. God has shown us over and over through this process what He is capable of doing. We get to grow in our faith and see God move these obstacles and mountains we face to get our daughter home. I know we have just begun this walk, we will face times of sadness that our daughter is so far away and the whys of it all but how great to know if we call on the name of Jesus, He will carry us through. God's unfailing love is the greatest gift!

We have friends who will be in Haiti next week so I will be posting pictures of our girl soon. I will not rush the time between now and when our new addition comes homes. Just remind me I said that in a few months on those rough days!