Monday, September 12, 2011

In Country

Yesterday marked 4 weeks that our Dossier has been In Country, this is an adoption term meaning our Dossier has been in Haiti for 4 weeks. Guess you could have figured that out. We haven't received any word on a refferal, in case your wondering, YES.... I am anxiously waiting. However, I know that Dr. Bernard and his staff have been reviewing our documents and praying over the correct little girl for our family. That sounds so strange to say that they are praying for the perfect child for us. God already knows and has known for along time which little child would enter our lives and when our family would be ready to meet her for the first time.

I must say that adoption is so different than having a child. Ok, ok, I know your thinking, REALLY?.!@ did you just stumble onto this almost one year into the process. Yes and No! When your pregnant each day something new is happening, your either feeling the baby kick, gaining weight  or visiting the doctor- those were basically my three stages :). I loved being pregnant with both my kiddos minus the weight gain. You anticipate the end and feels like it is never going to get here, the moment you will meet you precious little bundle of joy. Realistically, you know you can't be pregnant more than 40 weeks give or take a couple. With adoption while your collecting documents and gathering paperwork, you experience that daily connection. However, this current stage of adoption seems like, us bringing our daughter home, just isn't real. I think our kids are beginning to think the same thing.They pray for their sister and Riley draws pictures of her family of 5 but I can't imagine how long this process seems to them. I know I have talked about this before but it just boggles my mind. I feel so connected to our little one some days and distant others. These emotions do have one thing in common with pregnancy, there are highs and lows.

I know the wait can't even compare to the super special memories we will make as a family of 5. We pray for our daughter's needs to be met but also that God will not only continue to do a work in us but in her as well, preparing our hearts for each other. God is great at prepping us for what is ahead when we seek him. I'm so thankful that our God is in control, I know He is working in me each day.

BTW - I sure hope to be posting some great news the next couple of weeks!!!!